SkillShare – And other sites.

As a practicing Artist, I’ve found quite difficult, like a fish out of water, to work without the guidance of my tutor/lecturers all of a sudden.Even though I’m only taking a a break whilst I’m pregnant, I wanted to keep my hand in, as it were, in my art.

However, what do I do? What do I draw? Work on? It was hard, without a based ‘project’ as such to get started. I then noticed a few things about my sketchbooks, and no wonder I failed my 2nd year, and have to retake. Even though the sickness I went through was a big factor, my other work was… sub-standard at best. I felt embarrassed I handed this work in for assessment, and I knew I needed to up my game if I was going to do this as a career. Get practicing properly. Where to start though?

SkillShare is my current savior in this. Lots of classes, on lots of different projects or subjects. Sure, there’s Craftsy and Brit&Co, and even WikiHow apps, but SkillShare seems to be more ‘artsy’ based. Yes, you do have to pay a subscription, but £8 for all the lessons, ideas and prompts you could want seems like a pretty good to me.

So if you’re honestly stuck, give it a look through, you’d be surprised what you’d find.


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